About Berwick

As the founder of Berwick Beauty, Angel Purlantov travels the world in search of the most unique and effective beauty solutions. Mr. Purlantov is dedicated to creating beauty products for luxurious lifestyles and utilize only the highest industry standards. By doing so Berwick Beauty can guarantee your absolute satisfaction in all of our products. Throughout its entire product development process only the finest practices are followed. This means that all of products are made with only all natural and organic core ingredients, are all paraben free, mineral oil free and are never tested on animals.

Mr. Purlantov has always believed in the fine balance between advanced science and nature. Berwick Beauty employs modern techniques to deliver the most effective all natural and organic ingredients to you. The Coming Up Roses Collection is a revolutionary product line that delivers the benefits of 100% Organic Rosa Damascena (Damask Rose Oil). Without question Damask Rose Oil is considered the most beneficial natural ingredient for skin beautification and care. It has more natural compounds than any other known plant on earth and is considered a natural phenomenon by scientists. Its benefits are physical, sensual and spiritual. You simply cannot find any other natural substance that is better for your skin. All of the Damask Rose Oil used in Berwick Beauty products come from roses that have been organically grown and hand picked in Bulgaria. Although it requires more than 60,000 organically grown roses to produce just a single ounce of the Damask Rose Oil used in the product line, the Coming Up Roses Collection contains the highest amounts of Damask Rose Oil available.

Throughout the history of cosmetics and beautifying agents, product development has largely been driven by the availability of certain ingredients and the processing techniques employed during a particular genre. During the last several decades, science and chemistry, driven primarily by the petroleum industry has had a significant effect on our daily lives including our beauty products. During this time many large cosmetic producers have managed to deliver high volume and lower priced cosmetic products based on petroleum bi-products. This mass production has helped us in the short term by providing what we need and when we need it as we move along in our fast paced lifestyles. Unfortunately, this industrial approach to cosmetics and beautifying agents has completely overlooked the use of the most effective and beneficial ingredients found in nature. Only recently have people begun to realize this neglect and quantify the harmful long term effects that many mass produced cosmetics have had on us. Mr. Purlantov believes that the search for all natural and organic ingredients that provide both a long lasting and healthy effect is now in full bloom.

Without telling you to throw out all of your cosmetic products, Mr. Purlantov simply asks that you become more aware of what you use on your skin. Berwick Beauty has included a skin facts section on this web site that is continuously updated and expanded in an effort to keep you informed. It is also worthwhile to compare the products available today and research what is best for your skin type. Your skin not only protects your body but is also your largest organ so take the time to become informed about the various products you are using and the potential effects they may be having on your well being.

Please enjoy exploring all of the information while you learn more about the wonderful properties of Damask Rose Oil and shop on the Berwick Beauty website.

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Angel Purlantov (President and Founder)