Coming Up Roses

Cream Lotion Roses Throughout history no other flower has been celebrated, cherished and integrated into daily life more so than the rose.
At the core of our Coming Up Roses Collection is the use of 100% pure and organic Damask Rose Oil derived from the petals of Rosa Damascena. This rare and valuable class of rose is considered the preeminent oil bearing rose available and is highly regarded for its medicinal properties and exquisite aroma. Rosa Damacena is a uniquely rich and intense rose, long cultivated by European monasteries for healing purposes although now only successfully grown in just one very small region of the world.

All of the roses used in our Coming Up Roses Collection are organically grown and hand picked in the "Valley of the Roses", a province of Bulgaria long renowned for producing the finest roses on earth. It requires more than 60,000 roses, picked in the early hours of dawn as the delicate petals of Rosa Damascena unfold, to produce just one single ounce of the essential oil used throughout our collection.

Our Coming Up Roses Colleciton is created in collaboration with an exclusive laboratory, utilizing a time honored multiple distillation method. This secret process captures the most pure and vital essential oils of Rosa Damascena (Damask Rose Oil) and preserves its effectiveness as a natural cell rejuvenator until the moment it is applied to the skin.

By effectively harnessing the power of Damask Rose Oil our Coming Up Roses Collection delivers nature’s most beneficial ingredient to skin. Damask Rose Oil contains more than 300 organic compounds that all work on a molecular level to balance and tone every skin type. Damask Rose Oil is also a natural anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and astringent agent that facilitates the rapid absorption of nutrients into the skin. The wonderful effects of skin restoration flow almost instantly after touching the skin as Damask Rose Oil also balances sebum secretions in oily and acne prone skin and reverses the damage to capillaries commonly associated with mature and dry skin. Due to its complex organic structure Damask Rose Oil is able to provide every skin type with the natural substances required to tone, balance and heal while also slowing down the effects of aging and promoting an overall sense of well being.

There is no other flower more recognizable, or with an aroma more evocative than that of the rose. The rich fragrance and essential oils of roses have served in holistic rituals for many past, present and future civilizations to come. Rosa Damascena and the Damask Rose Oil found within the core of this rich and complex rose which makes up the heart of our Coming Up Roses Collection ultimately symbolizes innocence, love, passion, desire, luxury and the ideal aesthetic.