Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have oily skin, which Berwick Beauty products should I be using?
A: Our Balancing Day Cream and Restoring Night Cream are both effective at regulating the sebum (oil) production of skin. By regulating sebum levels your pores will instantly tighten and smoothen out your skins complexion.

Q: My skin generally falls into the category of combination skin type and fluctuates between oily and dry. Which Berwick Beauty products should I be using?
A: In general it is a good idea to use different skin products during different times of the year (i.e. summer and winter) or different phases of your skins response to the weather. Typically, warmer weather produces overly oily skin in which case you should use our Balancing Day Cream, Restoring Night Cream and Eye Contour Gel. These products will help balance oil levels so that your skin maintains a smooth complexion. Colder weather usually dries out the skin requiring some form of supplemental nourishment. Using our Nourishing Cream during colder seasons will guarantee that you skin is getting all the nutrients necessary to stay healthy and avoid the damage caused by skin drying out. Keeping your skin toned and balanced at all times is the key to a healthy complexion and long lasting beauty.

Q: Can I use Berwick Beauty products in combination with other skin care brands?
A: Absolutely, it is a marketing myth that only one brand of products can work well when used together for your skin.

Q: What is the best way to maximize the amount of moisturize absorbed by my skin when using Berwick Beauty creams?
A: All of our skin creams except for the Lightening Cream work best if applied on damp skin. By doing so the ingredients that are carrying nutrients from the cream into your skin will also carry extra moisture into your skin cells.

Q: What is the most effective treatment for acne?
A: Most acne cleansers, tonics and creams dry out the skin in an attempt to get rid of acne. Drying out the skin to cure acne not only damages the balance of your skin but also creates more acne in the long run. Instead of treating the effect of acne (extra oil production) it is best to treat the cause (un-balanced sebum (oil) production). In order to effectively treat acne you have to ‘balance’ your skins oil production. Our Balancing Day Cream and Restoring Night Cream both heal and regulate your complexion naturally by toning and balancing the skin. Our Lightening Cream can further help with diminishing the appearance of acne scars or other blemishes you may already have.

Q: Do any of your products contain mineral oil?
A: Absolutely not! All Berwick Beauty products are mineral oil free.

Q: Do any of your products contain parabens?
A: No! Berwick Beauty uses only the latest preservative system based on all natural and harmless preservatives that do not contain any parabens or other toxins.

Q: What is the best way to use your Lightening Cream?
A: Our advanced Lightening Cream should be used overnight while your skin regenerates and produces the highest amount of new cells.

Q: When should I use the Nourishing Cream versus the Day and/or Night Creams?
A: We recommend you use the Nourishing Cream for both daytime and nighttime usage in colder weather to nourish and better protect skin as it has the highest concentration of Damask Rose Oil. Our Nourishing Cream is also better suited for very dry, damaged and aged skin. On the other hand, our Balancing Day Cream and Restoring Night Cream are moisturizers with a higher content of Damask Rose Water as opposed to Rose Oil and are great for use in warmer weather. Although the Day and Night Creams also work great on dry skin, they are better suited for normal and oily skin and are great for use under makeup.

Q: Do Berwick Beauty skin creams contain SPF?
A: According to recent studies, the use of SPF in creams does not make much sense since the claims that such creams will protect your skin throughout the day are misleading as the protection does not last for more than 2 hours. Therefore, you have to reapply the cream in 2 hour intervals in order to obtain the desired protection or else use beauty products such as face powders that contain SPF and are easy to carry and use often.

Q: What makes Rosa Damascena (Damask Rose Oil) such a unique ingredient?
A: From a scientific and chemistry point of view, Damask Rose Oil’s all natural power is derived from its complex composition. It has more than 300 organic compounds, including nearly every element listed in the Mendeleev Periodic Table. It is the most complex natural substance on earth and is often called nature’s universal healer. Damask Rose Oil has no natural limits on its ability to tone, balance and heal skin. It is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing and tolerated by all skin types. The powerful compound structure of Damask Rose Oil makes it highly effective at treating dry, mature and damaged skin as well as modifying the unhealthy skin sebum (oil) secretion that causes acne and the appearance of enlarged pores. Damask Rose Oil is also well known for its unique skin toning properties and its ability to transform dull and grayish skin tone into healthy and radiant skin in just seconds. Damask Rose Oil has also been shown to repair broken capillaries, reduce inflammation and skin redness, and is even helpful in treating eczema.

Q: What are the ‘red dots’ in the Eye Contour Gel?
A: The red dots are time delayed nutrient capsules designed to deliver active ingredients, such as Ceramides, the moment they are massaged into your skin. No artificial coloring is used in these red dots as the color is a natural mineral called Iron Oxide Red.