Skin Myths and Facts

MYTH: Exposing skin to the sun can help treat acne.
FACT: Untrue - Exposing skin to the sun can temporarily suppress the signs of acne, but continued exposure leads to clogged pores and worsens acne condition in the long term.

MYTH: Skin pores can open and close.
FACT: Untrue - Skin pores do not open or close. If they appear larger it is due to an excess amount of dead skin cells. Using an exfoliating peel with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) can help rid skin of dead cells and allow for a new layer of skin to appear with tighter pores. You can also improve skin texture by eating foods containing natural AHA such as apples, grapes, milk and yogurt.

MYTH: Cucumbers contain a special ingredient that reduces "bags" under the eyes.
FACT: Untrue - A cool cucumber may feel relaxing on the eyes but there is no special ingredient that reduces "bags". It is the cooling effect of the water in cucumbers, combined with increased humidity that may help to reduce swelling.

MYTH: Soap is a good facial cleanser.
FACT: Untrue - The ingredients often used to make a commercial bar of soap are usually too harsh for the face. Most bars of soap contain cleansing agents that are generally too drying and irritating for most skin types. Although the skin may feel clean after washing, it will have been stripped of essential oils and moisture and left vulnerable until the proper pH level is restored.

MYTH: Acne should be treated by drying out the skin.
FACT: Untrue - Harsh ingredients that dry out skin only cause irritation of skin which leads to more skin problems and worsened acne. The proper method of care is to balance the skin sebum (oil) secretion using appropriate cosmetic products (such as a skin toner and gel for oily and problematic skin). In addition, you can improve your skin by eating foods containing healthy omega-3 oils such as ground flaxseed and sardines. Also, avoid eating refined sugar as well as fried foods and food containing trans fats.

MYTH: Skin needs to breathe.
FACT: Untrue - Skin is continually nourished from oxygen and nutrients that are carried in the blood, while no measurable amount of oxygen is absorbed through outside air. Although a very heavy cream or foundation may hinder elimination and absorption functions of skin (only to a small degree) it will not inhibit the amount of actual oxygen that is nourishing the skin. This helps explain why makeup does not suffocate the skin as is often believed (although it is best not to sleep with makeup on anyway).