Open Eye Contour Gel Berwick Beauty "I can say, that the last summer was my summer of the roses. Just before I left on vacation in June, I started to use three of the Berwick Beauty products - restoring night cream, nourishing cream and eye contour gel - and what wonderful results I got after four months of using them! Each evening, after washing my face I applied restoring night cream. The cream not only soothed and hydrated my skin, but what I liked also was the quick absorption and lack of the annoying grease stains on my pillow. I have known the healing power of the rose for long time, but by using the nourishing cream and the contour eye gel, I experienced this power. I noticed for my delight, that the fine wrinkles around my eyes started to fade away and the skin became toned and firm. Adding to the positive results was the nourishing cream which gave more radiance and smoothness to my face. And I have to say - what a wonderful, heavenly light and fresh aroma of rose!"
- Sia Kruschke, Ph.D., (U.C. Berkeley) Berkeley, CA

"Balancing Day Cream: I am always looking for skin products made with natural and pure ingredients that do not feel heavy on my face. Berwick's Balancing Day Cream is a wonderful moisturizer that is rich and creamy yet it has a light non-greasy touch and pleasant rose fragrance. This incredible cream leaves my skin feeling moisturized all day, and is light enough that I can apply sun protection on top and not clog my pores. Not only is this cream affordable, but the company's choice of cosmetic jars and packaging are a beautiful addition to anyone's beauty cabinet. Lightening Cream: Berwick's Lightening Face Cream is a superb calming face cream. Whenever I need to pamper my skin, I worked this incredibly thick, heavy cream and its soothing menthol fragrance immediately relaxes and calms me."
- Olga Martinez, San Francisco, CA

“Although I have not been using the Restorative Cream long, I am totally addicted! It is by far the most superior cream I have used. I have very sensitive, combination skin and most creams tend to make it more oily on the T-zone and not hydrating enough on my dry spots. I even tried La Mer, but nothing works like the Restorative Cream! The scent is amazing and the texture, although a bit rich when applied, instantly absorbs and my pillow case is never greasy. It hydrates my skin really well but does not make my T-zone oily or shiny and does not affect the pores. And, I swear I saw improvements in my frown lines on my forehead! I highly recommend this cream and will definitely try other products from Berwick Beauty.”
- Marina P, New York, NY

"I’m a creature of habit - once I find a beauty product that works for me, I’m addicted to it. I had been using the same facial product for years, and I was very pleased with the results. A friend asked me to try Berwick’s nourishing cream, eye contour gel and night cream. I did, and after about a week, I noticed a difference in my skin. It remained smooth and moist throughout the day and my skin just felt healthier! The eye contour gel reduced some of the fine lines around my eyes, and after a long day at work, the non-greasy night cream was a refreshing treat for my face. I tried the Berwick products for several months. The final decision to switch to Berwick was made after my annual check up with my dermatologist, who commented on the healthy appearance of my skin. ‘Whatever you’re doing - keep it up’, he said. So I will. I’m sold on Berwick!"
- Colleen P, Glen Arm, MD

" I have used the Coming Up Roses Day Cream daily for the past three weeks. It is TERRIFIC, that is I LOVE IT! Having problem, sensitive skin, I've spend a lifetime trying products and getting disastrous results. Not this time. Congratulations on offering such fantastic skin products and good luck to Berwick Beauty."
- Sandy J, Denver, CO

"Just wanted to say I loved the Berwick Beauty skincare line. I have tried the coming up roses day, night and eye cream. All the products have left my skin soft but not greasy and they smell wonderful. I love them. I will be sure to recommend them to all my friends. Thank you for creating such great products."
- Alana K, New York, NY

"I just started using the Nourishing Cream and Eye Contour Gel and I am hooked! I get regular facials and I am very impressed with the quality of the product. My skin feels better after just a week. I would definitely recommend the product to anyone, and will continue to buy Berwick! "
- Amy P, Seattle, WA

" I love your products and can't wait for the rest to be sold this summer. I use them daily and can tell a difference. I work part-time, and a lot of my customers tell me my skin is beautiful-including my neck, which most people don't include in their routine."
- Connie F, Aiken, SC

"Your products are great! I had never heard of Rosa Damascena before but am glad I do now. Thanks for making my skin feel young again without having to worry about harsh chemicals. I love that your products are all natural and smell great too.”
- Anonymous

"I have been using Berwick for one month now and I can already see and feel just how smooth and calm my skin is. It was so frustrating dealing with irritated and dry skin that only got worse with my age. Thank you for making a product that I can finally use."
- Anonymous